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FMC Metal

About Us

FMC Metal was founded by İbrahim YAVUZOĞLU and Bilal ÇATALBAŞ in 1996, in a 200 m2 workshop in Kocaeli province, at the heart of industrial zone. At the beginning, FMC Metal performed general maintenance and repair works of the pipe and paper industry in the region, but now FMC Metal continues to provide services in Pipe Machinery Industry in a 3000 m2 factory. With our qualified and hardworking staff, we are always ready for service for our dear customers' need regarding high quality, suitable machine and spare parts solutions.

Our Quality Policy

  • Be a strong player in the industry with our product quality, reliability and experience.
  • Adopt the customer-oriented quality concept to the whole organization.
  • Provide the necessary technological investments and training in order to improve the quality system and production efficiency.
  • Make sure that quality is not a level attained and maintained for our company, but a goal that evolves and is renewed according to the conjunctures shaped in parallel with the development of the world.
  • Improve and renew our production methods continuously aiming to provide ease of application to our customers.
  • Ensure the implementation of the Quality Policy that we established and improve the Quality Management System continuously
  • Meet the demands of our customers in desired quality and time, and achieve high quality production in all fields, Train all our employees and visitors for the potential the hazards that may arise within the scope ofour activity,
  • Conduct risk assessments against potential hazardous situations within the scope of our activities and never avoid any preventive activities,
  • Evaluate our recyclable wastes, reduce use of limited natural resources, prevent pollution due to harmful wastes, never affect the ecosystem negatively in all our activities,
  • Take necessary precautions in order not to pollute the environment, Comply with the relevant legislation and conditions within the scope of ouractivities,
  • Fulfill the requirements of the standards of Quality, OHS, and Environmental Management Systems,
  • Not compromise the environment and human rights and seek the social goodness as a’ value above all the benefits, keep the customer satisfaction in the foreground by being self-sacrificing to our customers in our actions and keep the confidence in our company.


Spiral welded steel pipe production machines are the machines that enable hot rolled steel coils to be wrapped at a certain angle and combined with submerged arc welding method (SAW). These machines are more attractive than other pipe production machine types according to their production method. Pipes can be produced for industries such as potable and waste water pipe lines, infrastructure, oil and natural gas pipe lines, where pipes of different diameters can be produced with the same coil width.

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FMC Metal establishes production lines that produce pipes with different wall thicknesses from 1/4"" to 20"" and profiles with 15 × 15 to 500 × 500 mm. We manufacture the rollers used in ERW pipe and profile production with our CNC machines in our company. We manufacture the rollers from high quality German cold work and hot work tool steels with suitable hardness in high technology heat treatment furnaces.

Our machines that producing hollow section, rectangular and square section profiles have advantages such as high technology, high speed, high quality and mold changing in a short time.

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