FMC METAL MAKİNA designs and produces welded pipes and profiles (ERW), open profiles (ROLLFORMING) and all kinds of special shaped molds.
Pipe – Profile mold design and production is a process that requires experience. FMC METAL MAKİNA has gained many years of experience in mold design and manufacturing and combined this experience with engineering technique.
Mold designs (designs) are made with CAD software. The design, which is ready for production, enters the production process on CNC machines with CAM data obtained from the same CAD program.
Molds produced from certified cold work tool steel (1.2379-1.2344) with ultrasonic crack control are heat treated by performing all kinds of controls in heat treatment laboratories in vacuum furnaces. After heat treatment, finishing process is applied in special grinding machines and CNCs. The final checks are made and delivered to the customer.